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Consulting and Needs Analysis

The most efficient way to develop a focused program for propane service consulting and propane safety training is to conduct a needs assessment. This will identify existing strengths and weaknesses and concentrate the program only in areas of deficiency that expose the company to risk or noncompliance. Usually, areas of deficiency can be corrected through the establishment of best practice policies and procedures coupled with employee training.

Policies and Procedures

Propane safety related policies and procedures play an important role because an organization's policies are the operational foundation for all its business processes. Clear policies ensure that all employees operate according to a consistent set of best practice guidelines. The scope of written policies should include language to cover legal issues, the health and welfare of employees and customers, and requirements as promulgated by DOT, NFPA and OSHA.

Employee Training

Data from the needs assessment defines the scope required for propane service and safety training. This action plan likely includes the establishment of needed best practice policies and procedures and the corresponding employee training to complement their adherence. The action plan may also include basics like CETP classes.

On-Call Services

Many clients like the ability to obtain expert advice when questions come up during the normal course of daily activities. P3 offers service plans tailored for any size propane company that provides for consultation and on site services. This consulting is particularly valuable and cost effective for propane suppliers new to the propane market.

P3 Safety Documentation Software

The P3 software platform is a patent pending technology that provides multiple functions. It analyzes safety inspection forms for accuracy and completeness. This creates enormous efficiency for propane marketers that strive for good files that will protect the company if need be. The platform also aggregates data from safety inspection forms to create management reports for propane regulator replacements and test timetables for DOT tanks, NFPA 58 requirements, and much more.

P3 Consulting Services

Proven Methods

P3 is a unique consulting firm that services residential propane suppliers. The company offers safety and compliance training, turnkey solutions for policies and procedures based on NFPA and DOT requirements, and a software platform for cataloging safety inspections and related data.

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